June 16, 2024
Cognizant Issues Ultimatum: Return to Office or Face Termination Jobs Internship

Cognizant, a leading IT giant, has issued a strict directive to its employees: return to the office or risk termination. This move aligns with similar mandates from other major IT firms like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and Wipro, which also required their employees to return to office in 2023.


Cognizant’s New Policy Cognizant recently informed its employees that failure to comply with the return-to-office policy would be considered serious misconduct. This could result in disciplinary actions, including termination. The company emphasized the importance of adhering to this directive, stressing the need for in-office collaboration.

“Please note that failure to adhere to the directions will amount to serious misconduct as per company policies and accordingly appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated against you which may lead up to termination,” the company stated in a report.

 Background and Reasons This directive follows a memo issued by Cognizant CEO Ravi Kumar in February, which required all India-based employees to work from the office for an average of three days per week. Previously, Cognizant had a flexible approach, allowing teams to decide their office presence based on project needs.

Industry-Wide Trend
Cognizant’s mandate is part of a broader trend in the IT industry. Major firms like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys, and Wipro implemented similar return-to-office policies in 2023. These companies have emphasized the need for physical office presence to enhance productivity and team collaboration.

Impact on Employees
Cognizant has a significant workforce in India, with about 254,000 of its 347,000 employees based there. The new policy is expected to affect a large portion of its employees, who must now adapt to the revised work arrangements. The company has been clear that non-compliance could lead to severe consequences, including job termination.


Conclusion: As the IT industry navigates post-pandemic work dynamics, Cognizant’s stringent return-to-office policy highlights the ongoing shifts in workplace expectations. Employees are urged to comply with the new directives to avoid disciplinary actions and maintain their positions within the company.