July 1, 2022
  1. Difference between JDK and JRE?
  2. What is the difference between Object Oriented Programming language and Object Based Programming language?
  3. What is Constructor in java?
  4. What are OOPs?
  5. What is Encapsulation?
  6. Why java is Platform Independent?
  7. What is Abstraction?
  8. What is Polymorphism?
  9. Difference between static polymorphism and dynamic polymorphism?
  10. What is Class and Object?
  11. What is Inheritance?
  12. Java Supports Multiple Inheritance or not? If No then why?
  13. How does java support multiple Inheritance?
  14. Difference between Abstract class and Interface?
  15. Does Java allow you to override a private or static method?
  16. What do you think we can use multiple main methods in multiple classes?
  17. What is the difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder? 
  18. Can we use multiple main methods in the same class?
  19. Why is java not a 100% object oriented programming language?
  20. What is thread in java?
  21. What is a static variable in java?
  22. What is a child and parent class?
  23. What is the Abstract method in java?
  24. What is Method overloading in java? Explain it with examples?
  25. What is Method overriding in java? Explain it with examples?
  26. What is a package in java?
  27. What is a collection?
  28. What is an exception in java?
  29. How to handle exceptions in java?
  30. What is the final keyword in java?
  31. What is finally in exception handling?
  32. What is a Singleton class in java?
  33. What is garbage collection in java?
  34. What is networking in java?
  35. What is socket programming in java?
  36. What is a prepared statement in java?
  37. What is bytecode in java?
  38. How to read a string in java?
  39. What is a scanner in java?
  40. Difference between in java and javascript?
  41. What is public static void main in java?
  42. What is the difference between jdk, jre and jvm?
  43. What is copy constructor in java?
  44. What are the features of java?
  45. Does java support pointers?
  46. String is mutable or immutable?
  47. Difference between mutable and immutable?
  48. Difference between throw and throws?
  49. What is the difference between ‘==’ and equals() method in java?
  50. Difference between stack and heap memory in java?
  51. What is constructor overloading in java?
  52. What are the steps to connect databases in java?
  53. Can a constructor return a value?
  54. What are super keywords in java?
  55. What are this keywords in java?
  56. What are the features of JAVA?
  57. Difference between local variables and Instance variables?
  58. Difference between Array and Arraylist in java?
  59. Difference between string builder and string buffer in java?
  60. What are the Classes  available in the collections?
  61. What are the Interfaces available in the collections?
  62. What is the type of Exception?
  63. What is Exception handling?
  64. What are the advantages of exception handling?
  65. Difference between notify() and notifyall() method in java?

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