CISM Information Security Management Program Practice Exam


Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is most important for migration management SIGNOFF order processing system from a test environment to a production environment?

a) User

b) Security

c) operations

d) Database

e) None

Q) Prior to having a third party carry out an attack and penetration test against the organization, the most important action in order to:

a) a third party provides a demonstration on a test system.

b) Goals and objectives are clearly defined.

c) technical staff had been informed about what to expect.

d) special backup production servers are accepted.

e) None

Q) When the departmental system continues to be out of compliance with information security requirements for password strength policies, in the BEST action to be taken is as follows:

a) submit the matter to the Committee.

b) to analyze the impact of quantitative risk assessment.

c) isolate the system from the rest of the network.

d) seek risk-taking on the part of senior management.

e) None

Q) Which of the following is most important for the successful promotion of good safety management practices?

a) security metrics

b) basic levels of security

c) management support

d) periodic training

e) None

Q) Which of the following environments pose the greatest risk to organizational security?

a) Locally Administered file server

b) storage of corporate data

c) Load-balanced Web server cluster

d) Centrally managed data switch

e) None

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